About Us

SAWS General Contracting Inc. was incorporated in 2008. The company was started by Gavriil Bochkariov, an entrepreneur with a vision to provide a quality and cost effective service to the civil construction industry.

Our Core values:

Our core values are safety and quality

We realise that safety is our top priority and the concern of our clients too. We start any job with a Job Hazard Assessment ( JHA). In case of routine jobs, we have written down procedure to be followed by all. Similarly, at the commencement of each day, a tool box talk is conducted with our employees, so that they understand what they are doing for the day, and each one’s role, responsibility and direction. We are working towards our safety certifications like IS Net, Comply works, PICS,

Quality is the important aspect where we make a difference when compared to other Concreting Contractors. Depending on the requirement of the client, we always ensure that the quality of the concrete, form work that is used for the concrete is upto the task for which the formwork is intended. Similarly for large jobs, we develop an Inspection Test Plan, get it approved by our client’s quality control / assurance (QA / QC) department before we commence the work.


We realise that we are a small part of the overall work of our client. However, the impact of our scheduling is magnified for our clients. Hence we develop schedule which is in line with our client’s overall schedule. We can develop schedule on excel, MS project or Primavera.

Our competencies

The main activities of SAWS General Contracting Inc. are as follows:

  • Concrete work for major Contractors.
  • Formwork for major Concrete works.
  • Grade beams, foundation, retaining walls, sidewalks, slabs, floating pads.
  • Industrial, commercial and residential Concrete works

Where We have presence in Fort McMurray, Plamondon , Lac La Biche, Conklin and all areas of Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.