In Canada many buildings and homes have been constructed on fill material which contains a significant amount of sand. Additionally rain water and storm water runoff were not always factored into the building of many patios, driveways and sidewalks causing them to crack and crumble prematurely. We have extensive expertise in this area and will account for these conditions in your concrete construction. We will evaluate and provide to you a design that will incorporate water conveyance, a properly compacted base, steel and/or fiber reinforcing, properly spaced expansion and control joints and we use only the highest quality of concrete designs.


As the name implies the foundation is the “backbone” of all structures; it must be engineered to adequately support that structure. The lifespan of your structure depends on the foundation being properly designed and constructed. Our certified structural engineer will evaluate the site; consider all the features necessary to support your structure and or your mechanical device and incorporate necessary aspects for a solid foundation, in a sealed drawing that will be used during construction of your foundation. “Sufficient Support”


A properly prepared site requires that all organic material and inadequate base material be removed prior to Concrete Construction. A properly compacted base devoid of any organic material ensures that concrete structures remain in place. To ensure each site is prepared properly and to our highest standards we use our own equipment and operators allowing us to inspect and monitor every phase ensuring perfectly prepared sites.